10/10 – Lake Chabot edition

Playing with the Pentax again (yesterday), I shot three rolls – two in color, one in black&white. While the color rolls are off to the lab, the other one was processed last night and scanned today, and I’m sharing it entirely. Sleepy eyes, muddy shoes and all. It was shot last so cooperation from the subjects was at a minimum.









Pentax 67 | Tmax 400

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I always wonder how other photographers shoot and what they get out of one roll of film. And today I’m willing to share my most recent roll.

This Kodak Tmax 400 was shot with my new toy, the Pentax 67. It was rather late when we finally got to the park to join some friends on a hike (they were already quite ahead and on the way back to the parking lot when we finally met them), so there wasn’t a ton of light. Being that yesterday was the shortest day of the year (the winter solstice), I didn’t really expect to shoot anything after 4pm… but I still tried. Could have easily pushed this roll but decided not to, just to see what came out. Confession: I did not take out my meter at all because I didn’t want to be discouraged by the actual reading, which I knew would give me a too slow shutter speed and that doesn’t go well with my kiddos. So I stuck my head in the sand, so to say, and shot as slow as I could, considering my subjects.


The shot I did not include in this post was pretty much a copy of the one of Roberto to follow (left frame).



Half the roll was shot after 5pm. 400 ISO, even at f/2.4, isn’t ideal.
But, with all that said, I love how it turned out. And the Pentax is a keeper, despite the weird shutter sound it makes.




Pentax 67 | Kodak Tmax 400

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window light



hasselblad 500c/m | kodak tmax 400 (at least that’s what i think. this roll was developed and scanned by a lab and i’m too lazy to dig out the negatives. if not tmax 400, might be tri-x 400)

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oh, alice

finally had a chance to shoot a few portraits of alice as a 20 month old. i’ll take her, even if she wants nothing to do with my cameras (other than look at photos on the back of my mkii or wind the film cameras). actually got a few cute ones during this morning shoot with her, but i’ll share them another day. i love being able to develop my own black and white film now. makes shooting film so much more exciting. shot this roll by noon yesterday, had it drying in the shower at 8pm.



hasselblad 500c/m, kodak tmax 400. developed in ilsofol 3.

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my first self-developed roll

last week, during a walk with a few insta-friends, i quickly shot through a roll of kodak tmax 400 to have a bw roll to develop at home when chemicals and stuff arrived from adorama. so, last night we spent a couple of hours trying to figure everything out and we manage to semi-successfully develop. hit a few bumps along the way but it was my first time ever. loading 120 film in the stainless steel reel, inside a changing bag, was not easy – not without practice anyway. then, it took me way too long to (cautiously) pour the developer in the tank. that is probably the cause of the vertical streaks along the entire roll (more visible in some shots than others). lost a few frames because of incorrect loading on the reel. saved a couple of them, where the face of the subject is still showing (last two photos). overall, it was a great experience without any disappointment as i had set my expectations as low as “it’ll come out pitch black or something”.

now, i am going to try again tonight, with a roll of neopan acros 100 – hoping for better results.







hasselblad 500c/m, kodak tmax 400

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000030330007hasselblad 500c/m, kodak t-max 400



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by the marina





hasselblad 500c/m, kodak t-max 400

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sunset light

melissa ta



hasselblad 500c/m, kodak t-max 400

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