more old scans


kodak ultramax 400, converted to black and white in scanning.


fuji neopan 400. i just love this film stock.



half moon bay. fuji superia xtra 400.

all shot with mamiya nc1000s

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every day life stills




MamiyaSuperiaXtra400-03mamiya nc1000s, fuji superia xtra 400


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sixteen months today

and so very sassy.

i could eat her up all day.






she is definitely girly (at times), putting on bracelets more often than i do. handbags too.mamiya-superiaxtra400-05the incredible part is that i took these photos only a few hours ago… then dropped the roll off at walgreens. all while i am 4 months behind on the digital shots (some sit in my camera for weeks).

mamiya nc1000s, fuji superia xtra 400


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you are my wild

you are my wild is a project that brings together 14 photographers. aside from having this passion/profession in common, we are all also parents. every tuesday a weekly portrait of our kids will be posted. check it out! i’m pretty stoked to have been invited in such a talented group of people.

mamiya-superiaxtra400-06love this photo. love the accidental light leak. i was (manually) winding the roll when i finished shooting it this morning and i thought it was already done so i opened the back of my mamiya only to find about 3-4 inches still out. oh well, no big deal, i thought. i don’t even remember what i shot at the start, it was a while ago. out of the 3 shots with light leaks, this came out great! as for the moment captured, it makes me laugh. he insisted he wanted to nap with the banana. sure, kiddo, as you wish, as long as the back seat turns quiet for a few. he also toted that same banana around the tilden regional park, where he refused to go on the steam train (wth? we took him there especially for the train, thinking he’d be thrilled – toddler moods!).

mamiya nc1000s, fuji superia xtra 400, processed and scanned at walgreens


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from the last month or two

you know when you have a roll in the camera and can’t seem to finish it for some reason? this was one of those. granted i haven’t been shooting much lately, medium format or 35mm, but still, this was a 24 exposure roll that just dragged. being in a photography funk doesn’t help.

lilies from the garden. a few year ago i scattered a bag of seeds in our backyard and each year lilies bloom, in random places. i was sad to see no tiger lilies this year.

the front door is not where we usually do arts and crafts but little sister was napping in the car, we had to make do.

photo on the left: from little guy’s 3rd birthday party preparation.

when there are no fresh flowers, california poppies from the backyard will do.

she makes me happy. and i’m purposely leaving the grass in our backyard grow because it looks better for photos.

mamiya nc1000s, fuji superia xtra 400

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from a visit at the filoli gardens, a few weeks ago. I didn’t shoot much 35mm and my 120 film has yet to be sent to the lab for processing. it was a hot day and the kids were rather cranky. I’m surprised I got anything in focus of the little guy. lots of gummy bears came out of my camera bag but he just does not grab the concept of bribing yet. or maybe he does and is just outsmarting me.

my favorite!


june 30, 2012
mamiya nc1000s, fuji superia x-tra 400

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