What’s in my camera bag.

Or on the shelves…

Top row, left to right:
Hasselblad 500C/M – you have seen plenty from this camera already. Medium format, 6×6. I have two 120 magazines, two polaroid backs, prism, waist level viewfinder, closeup filter, 80mm 2.8.

Ferrania Rondine: Italian camera, takes 127 film. It should be in working condition but I have not had a chance to test it yet. On my to do list for this weekend or next week. Belonged to my father-in-law.

Mamiya NC1000s: the 35mm I used before getting the Canon A-1. It has given me some great shots but occasionally the shutter will remain open for an indefinite amount of time. With 50mm 1.7.

Rolleicord II: medium format, 6×6. Also belonged to my father-in-law and sat in a basement for 20 years. We had it as a prop at home for a few years before I decided to polish it and run a roll of Portra 160. I don’t give it much love, because f/3.5 is not open enough for shooting indoors, but it has given me beautiful shots.

Tiny camera in the center:
Minox 35GL: the smallest full frame 35mm. Viewfinder camera. Unfortunately, the last roll I ran through it, a month ago, came out almost blank. The shutter remains open until film is wound. Sad news. I have shot more than a few rolls with this and for being pocket size, it’s amazing. This one also belonged to father-in-law.

Bottom row, left to right:
Pentax 67: if you have been following for a while, you know this is the most recent addition to my film camera collection. 6×7, obviously. With 105mm 2.4, prism.

Canon A-1: my baby. She is tiny and awesome for a walk-around camera. With 50mm 1.4.

Polaroid Land Camera 450: I love this one but haven’t shot it in forever. Cost of instant film is too high for my taste.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThat’s all about my cameras, I guess. Soon, a post about my darkroom.

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rolleicord oldies

while organizing my negatives lately, i decided to scan a few of my very first medium format shots. have thought about taking that camera out but i’m not shooting much. it’s one of those slow seasons with little inspiration and even less free time.




rolleicord ii | fuji pro 400h

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this is the first photo i took of jenny, quite a while back, as we were out photographing the sunset.

since then, we have both changed cameras, going from TLRs to bulkier medium formats (especially jenny with her mamiya rz67!).

the one thing that hasn’t changed is me having a low speed film in camera at sunset. first photo shot with the rolleicord on kodak portra 160. second, with the hasselblad 500c/m on kodak ektar 100. and my hands are not that steady at 1/30th of a second or less.


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bits from tahoe

these are from back in april. first two shot on kodak portra 400, which turned really weird. i don’t think i checked if it was expired but either that or it wasn’t kept in a very cool place. plus, i see a light leak.

these two were shot on fuji pro 400h. i love the crisp look of snowy photos! (ignore the invasive watermark. long story short, some photo thieves have been really interested in photos of my children so I try to make them as useless as possible by marking right on their faces, mostly when i post on their blog www.piudue.it)

my snow bunny was so tiny.

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me time.

the concept of ‘me time’ when you have kids you need to care for 24/7 is non existent. when/if nap time finally arrives, i try to sit and just relax, even if only for a few. today i looked at the roses (they are orange, btw) my son and i got yesterday at safeway (long story, don’t ask). usually, with little hands around, flowers and anything else, migrates to higher levels. when little hands are asleep, i move stuff around and pretend like that’s the normality of life :)

and while i sipped some coca-cola at my desk, i scanned a couple more rolleicord photos. these were taken in south lake tahoe, over the easter weekend. ilford xp2.

my littles aren’t particularly into having their picture taken.

and, before i go, a view of my desk at the moment (iPhone photo)…

so, what is there to see? nine rolls of film – 8 medium format, 1 bw 35mm – to be sent to the lab, because they have been sitting there for quite a while. my beloved wacom. some polaroids and a printed photo of my little loves. the folder with all the negatives (and some slide film), some scanned some not.

last, but certainly not least, i want to say thank you to all my new blog readers/visitors. i’m not sure how you got here, as i am not “publicizing” this blog at all (anyone is welcome, i’m just not being obnoxious by posting the link everywhere), but i am glad for your feedback or even just a ‘hi’.

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these came out of my second roll shot with the rolleicord. kodak portra 160.


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from my early medium format days

i’m a relatively new medium format shooter. it wasn’t until early 2012 that i cleaned up my fil’s old rolleicord (that had been sitting for over 20 years) and ran my first roll of portra 160. these, however, are not from that roll. i’m organizing my negatives today and that’s how these came out. more from the “old days” will be posted.

golden gate bridge shot on a rainy, foggy day. i have scanned this negative a few times but i can’t get it to come out right. i think i had an exposure issue to start with (rather underexposed). kodak portra 400

alice. taken a friend’s house, in san francisco. ohh, she was so little. fuji pro 400h

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minden, nevada

before leaving Lake Tahoe on Easter Sunday, we headed East and found ourselves in this place. nice views. lots of cows (not pictured).


rolleicord II, kodak portra 400

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la selva beach

rolleicord II, fuji pro 400h

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mostly alice

the sky was pretty that night but I was a little too late and the exposure is what it is. I wished I had a tripod.

love her curiosity

Rolleicord II, Ilford HP5

for being so vintage and totally unmaintained/unused camera, the Rolleicord works amazing. f/3.5 is a bit limiting, especially indoors, but the bokeh is still very buttery.

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