days when i feel like black&white

going through some stuff today and not feeling very cheery and colorful, thought i’d share a few from a roll shot a while back. i don’t take many pictures of myself lately, mostly because i look so tired (and i am tired, believe me). a selfportrait in the mirror is somewhat acceptable, because i can hide my tired face behind a camera… but still be in front of the camera. my never-done hair also needs a cut. it’s much longer now than it was in this shot taken in summer.

this lonely chair also fits my current mood. i wish i had someone to talk to. like really talk to, but i don’t. and these are the days i regret moving so far from home. i want to go back. mend my old friendships, have somebody to confide in.


this window shot (clearly taken on father’s day) is somewhat a random addition to this post. i just wanted to share it.



mamiya nc1000s, neopan 400

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mamiya nc1000s, neopan 400

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neopan 400

mamiya nc1000s, neopan 400 (i just love fuji neopan)

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