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The best way to lose weight and keep it off

Studies show that most people who want to lose weight will go for a restrictive diet, reach their weight loss goal but gain it all back (plus interests) shortly after. The reason why that happens is because those people have successfully managed to slow down their metabolism, to put it gently.

Let’s start with what I believe to be the best way to go about it.

It involves:

  1. educated food choices
  2. a caloric deficit
  3. strength training
  4. cardio/staying active

I hear many people say “I don’t want to start working out/lifting weights yet because I want to lose x amount of pounds/kgs first.”. And that is the worst approach, unless a physician has told you to stay away from exercising.

Dieting alone (aka the caloric deficit) will definitely help toward your weight loss goal but you aren’t just dropping pounds of fat there. Your lean mass is going away too. So let’s assume you finally get to your definition of ‘skinny’ size by just dieting. At that point you will simply be ‘skinny fat’. And if you were in a restrictive diet you will probably end up binge eating afterwards. Which would start a vicious cycle of feeling guilty, stressing over it, spiking up cortisol (the “I make you fat hormone”) and going backwards, undoing all your hard work.

So what is the correct approach to losing the weight AND keeping it off?

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