my oatmeal

i eat oatmeal a whole lot. like 3 times a day. and try to ignore our messy kitchen, i can’t seem to keep up with housework lately and that’s okay, because sometimes i realize spending quality time with my kids is just a tad more important than having a spotless house.

mamiya nc1000s, kodak ultramax 400

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I’m actually a lot more than tired. I’m exhausted. The sleep deprivation is getting to me.

As much as I am not in love with Kodak Ultramax 400, I like the moodiness of the shot above. I won’t mind using it for some personal, indoor, projects in the future.

Shot today, with Mamiya NC1000s

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more from the Mamiya NC1000s

Overall, I noticed a lot of underexposed shots. I metered for the shadows, typically overexposing by 1 stop but I don’t think it was enough for this particular film stock (consumer grade, Kodak UltraMax 400).

f/1.7 is like suicide when it comes to fast moving subjects. especially when paired to MANUAL focus.

colors indoors are iffy. maybe it’s just that I did not overexpose enough.

I was stuck in the car while Alice took a nap so I took these.

a lot of weird color going on here. these turned out to be severely underexposed, and this is what the Walgreens lab came up with.

I scanned this one myself because Walgreens had tried to compensate the blacks too much (there is no real person scanning the negatives there, they all go through a machine that decides what the histogram should look like, trying to make it as average as possible).

These were all shot at f/1.7 by choice. I wanted to see how the camera performed at such wide aperture. It’s sharp! See the photo of Alice’s hand above. Although I will stick to f/2.8 or narrower when it comes to my kids.

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I picked up a new member of our photographic family yesterday, at the flea market. A Mamiya NC1000s, with a 50mm f/1.7 (and a Minolta flash I’m pretty sure I’ll never use but it came with the camera). I have been debating whether to shoot 35mm for a while now. I absolutely love the feel of the medium format, but sometimes wish I could shoot more than 12 exposures. Let’s face it, film is expensive. When I saw this Mamiya I knew I liked it. I got it and then picked up the first roll I found at the drug store last night, a Kodak UltraMax 400 (without expecting too much out of it – consumer grade film just doesn’t deliver as well). I, then, dragged the family to the park and took some quick shots. We stopped for a snack and I finished my roll there… only to realize it had never really loaded. That’s the long story made really short. I would have loved the pictures I never actually took. I finished that roll between last night (when the light was almost gone) and today (rainy, gloomy day). Took to Walgreens and had it developed and scanned.

Shot at f/1.7, a straight scan from the Walgreens lab.

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