For some reason, 35mm is definitely the format I favor less. And I rarely share it. This was shot at a birthday party back in May.


Canon A-1 | Kodak Gold 200 | Arista C-41 | Pakon F-135+


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being a boy

From this afternoon’s walk. Developed (at home) and scanned in no time.canona1-gold200-AA010


Canon A-1 | Kodak Gold 200

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In this particular shot, he was trying to dodge the camera by hiding inside his hat. Have I mentioned before that my kids don’t like being photographed? It’s because they cannot sit still for even just a second so the whole process is boring for them. But, they do love to play with my cameras and take random shots. Today, while making lunch, I overheard Alice asking Roberto to take a picture of her as she handed him a digital point&shoot I gave her earlier. He refused and she was heartbroken…. for half a second. Then they went about they usual (fighting) business.

This is one of the portraits from my first self-developed C-41 rolls.


Canon A-1 | Kodak Gold 200

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tonight i developed a c-41 roll for the first time ever. i had always heard people say developing color film is too complicated, but it’s not. i dared to try, mostly because going to walgreens and paying $6/roll for developing just wasn’t cutting it anymore. i wanted to cut down the costs. i love film but it doesn’t pay for itself if i only use it for personal work. so i purchased a c-41 kit and shot a test roll today, not giving much thought about what i was photographing, just in case i messed it all up and the roll turned out blank. but it didn’t!

the roll was mostly of my kids, no news there, but i’m choosing to share the other random stuff.

this curled up print in the holder is actually a test print from the darkroom that i just can’t through away even though it’s not perfect. it’s curled because fiber based paper curls a lot.


these bigger prints are also from the darkroom. i didn’t pay attention to the reflection on the frame but you have all seen that image on this blog before.


i own a few vintage cameras, all in working condition but sadly not enough loved lately. i’ll be forever thankful to this rolleicord for the introduction to medium format photography.


a little holiday flare….


canon a-1 | kodak gold 200

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any time is good for kisses

gold200AA023canon a-1 | kodak gold 200


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playground snaps

gold200AA006canon a-1 | kodak gold 200


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gold200AA013canon a-1 | kodak gold 200


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