took this shot at my grandparents’ house in my hometown (kucova, albania). i was in the front garden, picking persimmons (my favorite) from the tree that has been there since i can remember, when i saw this chair. i remember these chairs (there used to be four them that came with the dining table). i’ve sat on it countless times, probably. and my grandfather must have sat on it even more. made me sad, because my grandfather passed away a year before this visit (last fall). so i took a photograph, to remember. it might not be there next i go.

HasselbladIlfordXP2-01hasselblad 500c/m, ilford xp2 super


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me time.

the concept of ‘me time’ when you have kids you need to care for 24/7 is non existent. when/if nap time finally arrives, i try to sit and just relax, even if only for a few. today i looked at the roses (they are orange, btw) my son and i got yesterday at safeway (long story, don’t ask). usually, with little hands around, flowers and anything else, migrates to higher levels. when little hands are asleep, i move stuff around and pretend like that’s the normality of life :)

and while i sipped some coca-cola at my desk, i scanned a couple more rolleicord photos. these were taken in south lake tahoe, over the easter weekend. ilford xp2.

my littles aren’t particularly into having their picture taken.

and, before i go, a view of my desk at the moment (iPhone photo)…

so, what is there to see? nine rolls of film – 8 medium format, 1 bw 35mm – to be sent to the lab, because they have been sitting there for quite a while. my beloved wacom. some polaroids and a printed photo of my little loves. the folder with all the negatives (and some slide film), some scanned some not.

last, but certainly not least, i want to say thank you to all my new blog readers/visitors. i’m not sure how you got here, as i am not “publicizing” this blog at all (anyone is welcome, i’m just not being obnoxious by posting the link everywhere), but i am glad for your feedback or even just a ‘hi’.

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my loves in black and white

Rolleicord II, Ilford XP2 (400)

I love my son to pieces but he never cooperates for pictures. Drives me crazy. I don’t need him to be cheesily posed, just acknowledge me/the camera.

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