view of san francisco from the san leandro marina. it’s my go to place when a kid (or two) is napping in the car. it’s only about 10 minutes from home. that night the sky was amazing, the picture does not do justice to all that drama and how light was falling on the city.

90 degrees to my left, a lonely bird, watching what i was watching.

her rolls have already started to disappear and her hair is longer now. i have a love hate relationship with “old” photos of my kids, they just make me realize how fast time goes by. i tear up every time i decide to look back on the family blog.

oh manual focus and wiggly infant combo…

one day i decided to find my old nikon f55 (i think i’ve mentioned this before, hubby got that camera for me back in 2006, so i could get started with photography). i looked for hours and finally found it. it’s so plasticky and autofocus has been broken since pretty much a couple of months after i got it. the kit lens is, um, total crap… BUT, i had to give this camera a try, before i retire it forever. shot on ilford fp4

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one of the things I love most, black on black. using light to separate the subject from the surroundings. this frame got a little “chopped” on top, last one of the roll. shot with a Minox, on expired Ilford FP4 (ISO 125, rated at 50). the camera shoots only in aperture priority but I think I compensated well. this is a straight scan, no editing done.


somehow, half of this expired roll was underexposed. I must have moved the ISO setting at the bottom of the camera by accident, although I do not remember messing with it or setting it back… anyway, I absolutely LOVE these two shots of Roberto. it was a gloomy, rainy day. moody black&white is more than suiting. it’s interesting how much grain this underexposing added to the photos.

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