that window light

months ago i took these two polaroids i just really love.


Polaroid450FP3000b-002polaroid 450, fuji fp-3000b


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celebrating life

short story, this sunday included friends, pizza, cupcakes, coffee, macarons and then car crash, airbag deployment, scared parents, terrified kids, long hours to follow, tired parents, tired kids, saying goodbye to my mini, a seatbelt induced bruise, a sore hand for the driver (hubby) and a toddler that is worried about “the blue car all broken”. i had to take a picture of us finally at home, having popsicles and trying to get the adrenaline out of our systems. counting my blessings.

polaroid 450, fuji fp-3000b

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my girl

the front door mat is like her kryptonite. for some reason, she won’t touch or step on it. i’m being thankful while it lasts, because at least she can’t escape and gives me a chance to take pictures of an almost “non mobile” baby. this is from earlier today.

polaroid 450, fuji fp-3000b

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late night post

quite a few rolls of film are sitting in my office, waiting to be sent to the lab. until then, my love affair with the Polaroid continues.

california poppies from the garden.

took this yesterday, as I was prepping for my son’s third birthday party. His birthday is today (seeing how it is officially august 13. he was born at 12:58am).

and the actual prepping. before I put a slice of lemon in every single mason jar. there were 2 dozens of them.

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oh hello, polaroid

i’m beginning to feel like a camera hoarder here. sunday, at the monthly antique faire, i added a new baby to the family. a polaroid 450. i took a chance on it as it had no batteries and testing on site was not possible (and that’s how i got the asking price down by 50%). once at home, i learned that the batteries it requires are uhm, sort of hard to find and rather expensive ($9 for one?!). nothing a different type of battery and some duct tape couldn’t fix 10 minutes later. and then i let it sit, while waiting for some fuji film to be delivered (i love amazon prime!). film came today. today was the worst day with the kids, they both were fuss butts, mostly attached to me… or fighting with each other over every single toy. distracted (and tired/sleep deprived) as i was, i loaded the film… wrong. and that’s how i burned the first two frames – first one came out half blank. second one completely blank. and here is #3, #4 and #5. third shot shows some light leak. at some point i had to open the back, to fix the film and thought all of it would go to waste but there was no harm in trying to shoot, and that’s why #3 doesn’t make much sense.

he was trying to take a picture with his grandfather’s little Minox… by smashing the lens onto his eye.

pulling up to give little sister a kiss.

i think it’s safe to say that a love fair has began with this new camera.

polaroid 450, fp 3000b

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