bits from tahoe

these are from back in april. first two shot on kodak portra 400, which turned really weird. i don’t think i checked if it was expired but either that or it wasn’t kept in a very cool place. plus, i see a light leak.

these two were shot on fuji pro 400h. i love the crisp look of snowy photos! (ignore the invasive watermark. long story short, some photo thieves have been really interested in photos of my children so I try to make them as useless as possible by marking right on their faces, mostly when i post on their blog

my snow bunny was so tiny.

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  • Azzari | September 13, 2012 | Reply

    Love the crispness of the fuji pro 400h! And call me crazy, but I think the light leaks give the photos character – beautiful work.

    And sorry to hear about the photo thieves – this is one of the main reasons why I have struggled with posting images of my girls on my blog. I’d love to share, but I can’t get over the photo thieves who abuse this. Still on the fence….

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