me time.

the concept of ‘me time’ when you have kids you need to care for 24/7 is non existent. when/if nap time finally arrives, i try to sit and just relax, even if only for a few. today i looked at the roses (they are orange, btw) my son and i got yesterday at safeway (long story, don’t ask). usually, with little hands around, flowers and anything else, migrates to higher levels. when little hands are asleep, i move stuff around and pretend like that’s the normality of life :)

and while i sipped some coca-cola at my desk, i scanned a couple more rolleicord photos. these were taken in south lake tahoe, over the easter weekend. ilford xp2.

my littles aren’t particularly into having their picture taken.

and, before i go, a view of my desk at the moment (iPhone photo)…

so, what is there to see? nine rolls of film – 8 medium format, 1 bw 35mm – to be sent to the lab, because they have been sitting there for quite a while. my beloved wacom. some polaroids and a printed photo of my little loves. the folder with all the negatives (and some slide film), some scanned some not.

last, but certainly not least, i want to say thank you to all my new blog readers/visitors. i’m not sure how you got here, as i am not “publicizing” this blog at all (anyone is welcome, i’m just not being obnoxious by posting the link everywhere), but i am glad for your feedback or even just a ‘hi’.

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  • Azzari | August 26, 2012 | Reply

    I definitely share your thoughts – “me time” is non-existent with little ones. And our desks could be one in the same!

  • admin | August 28, 2012 | Reply

    I need to see your desk :) I mean, I’ve seen the front view but not the details.

  • twiggs | November 25, 2012 | Reply

    i don’t have kids, i have a dog which sometimes makes it difficult for me to work, particularly in the afternoon when he wants to be pet, taken outside and fed. but of course, i have way more me time than if i had kids! even so it was nice to see your desk and all the details! 😉

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