my very first 120 roll

about a couple of months ago I shot my very first roll with the Rolleicord. what a(n ongoing) learning curve! I know I’m doing it backwards, but here are a few images from then. shot on Kodak Portra 160.

first off, it was so hard (for me, at least) to shoot straight while looking at a specular image on the viewfinder. I am doing much better now 😉


oh yeah, that red smudge on the lower right corner is probably part of my finger. one thing about TLR is that you aren’t actually looking through the lens that will take the picture, but through the twin lens on, in my defense, I just couldn’t see my finger in front of the lens.


last shot of the roll. no make up, hair in a pony tail or so, wearing an oversized shirt (read: stolen from husband’s closet).

somewhere in the middle I took this. golden light and underexposed. made for some very weird skin tones and overall colors.

the rolleicord has its limitations. shooting against the light is one of them. or maybe the results were due to my poor exposure and the fact that the lens needed some more cleaning. at the time I had only cleaned the outside. noticed a huge difference in image clarity and quality once I also cleaned from the inside.


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