In this particular shot, he was trying to dodge the camera by hiding inside his hat. Have I mentioned before that my kids don’t like being photographed? It’s because they cannot sit still for even just a second so the whole process is boring for them. But, they do love to play with my cameras and take random shots. Today, while making lunch, I overheard Alice asking Roberto to take a picture of her as she handed him a digital point&shoot I gave her earlier. He refused and she was heartbroken…. for half a second. Then they went about they usual (fighting) business.

This is one of the portraits from my first self-developed C-41 rolls.


Canon A-1 | Kodak Gold 200

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  • Katie | December 27, 2013 | Reply

    The dodging makes for a great photograph anyway! 😀 been really enjoying your self-processed c-41s!

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